3 Homemade Wasp Killer Recipes That Really Work

Imagine yourself relaxing on a warm summer’s day in your back yard. A gentle breeze, cold drink, not a care in the world. Suddenly, you feel something stab you in the leg and it almost knocks you off your seat. Wasps can make a good time go bad in the blink of an eye with just one prick of their poisonous stinger. That alone would be enough for anyone to seek out a homemade wasp killer.

It’s actually relatively uncommon for wasps to sting someone without feeling threatened, but the stakes are raised when you have curious pets or energetic children running about. Add that to the fact that more people are allergic to wasp stings than bee stings, and you have more than enough reasons to get rid of any single wasp or full nest ASAP. The good news is we have some easy homemade wasp killer instructions that anyone can follow.

Soap and Water

Just regular old dish soap will do the trick. Studies show that the soap impedes their ability to breathe and works surprisingly fast. You’ll want to dilute about 2 tablespoons of soap in a spray bottle filled with water. A manual spray bottle is recommended for indoor nests and can also work on small ones outdoors. A hose with a spray attachment is ideal for any larger nests out in the yard.

The best time to do the deed is at night because that’s when you’ll be sure all of the wasps will be inside the nest. No matter the size, it’s essential to wear clothing that covers your skin as completely as possible to avoid any risk of stings. All you need to do is thoroughly drench the nest with your homemade wasp killer and, before you know it, those annoying pests will be yesterday’s problem.

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Make Your Own Trap

This one won’t get rid of the source, which is the nest, but it’s great for getting rid of any stray wasps hanging around the house or intruding on your friendly gettogether on the deck. You just need a 2-liter soda bottle and something to put inside to attract the wasps. If your bottle still has some soda left inside, that will work just fine. If not, something else sweet will get the job done.

Sugar water is the easiest option. Meat will also work, but make sure not to leave it hanging around too long, or it will begin to rot. Simply cut the top off of your bottle, add your bait and place the top back on upside down to create a funnel. Secure the top with tape or a bit of glue and hang your trap where desired. If you want to be extra sure that the wasps are dead after catching them, boil some water and pour it inside.

Drown the Nest

This homemade wasp killer requires you to get up close and personal, so make absolutely sure to wear protective clothing. Gloves are a must. All you need is a cloth bag, a bucket of water and a large rock. Again, doing this at night is the safest option and your best chance of killing as many wasps as possible. The first step is to place the bag over the nest carefully. Tie the bag at the top of the nest, making sure to separate the nest from its anchor point in the process, so it’s fully inside the sealed bag. Place the entire thing in a bucket of water and place a large rock on top of the bag to keep it submerged. In a few minutes, all of the wasps will be dead and ready to discard.

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If you’re feeling creative, there are countless ways to create your own homemade wasp killer. All of these methods can be tweaked to fit with what you have available. Just remember that sweetness will attract, soap will suffocate, and water will drown. Don’t forget to be cautious and keep yourself safe. Homemade wasp killers are great for easily accessible nests. For hard to reach areas, such as those underground or inside of your walls, it might be best to contact a professional.