Female Hair Loss Treatment

By the age of 50, every other woman is seen to be grappling with the condition of hair loss or else hair thinning. By this time, our overall hair density changes and hair strands become finer and thinner. This usually happens because as we age, our body undergoes many hormonal changes and we tend to overlook the importance of healthy hair and scalp. But just because thinning and hair loss is natural, we shouldn’t accept it as granted. There are many female hair loss treatment and ways which can help prevent hair loss and thinning. Let’s have a look on some of the easy female hair loss treatment:

Say yes to “Balanced Diet”: Now this comes as super easy. All you need is to take care and check whether your meal is providing you all the required nutrients for a healthy and fit body. Hair thrives on iron, zinc, protein and vitamins (most importantly Vitamin B12). Try to include all these nutrients in your diet; you can them from green leafy vegetables, lean meats, beans, nuts and fish.

Less Hair Styling: Hair dryers, bobby pins, iron and especially if you have coloured hair cause unnecessary hair breakage and thinning. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to make less use of hair styling and its products wherever possible. This could come as an easy female hair loss treatment.

Massage:  Massaging your scalp twice or thrice in a week won’t require much of effort. You are already half way there when you shampoo your hair. Whenever that you are washing your hair, make sure that you massage your scalp thoroughly as this will improve the blood flow to the scalp and also it will aid the shampoo to penetrate deep in the skin.

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Viviscal: If your hair loss condition is severe, then you might consider opting out for hair supplements. Viviscal is a hair drug supplement which is a combination of vitamin C, fish protein, biotin, zinc, niacin that encourages the body hormones to produce healthier and thicker hair strands

Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is one of the common female hair loss treatments. It helps reduce the inflammation in hair follicles that often inhibits them from regenerating on their own. In one of the recent study, it is found that there was a significant increase in the hair density after laser treatment on female hairloss.

No Stress: Today’s hectic and chaotic environment can act as a cause to our increasing stress levels. But, both chronic and sudden stress can halt the hair growth and prevent them from regenerating. If you are someone who stays at constant pressure, then you must take a deep breath and enrol yourself for some meditation classes.  This way you will soon find yourself at ease and your body and hair will thank you for it.

Get Some Hormone Help: If the hair loss problem is getting severe day by day, then you must consider taking the help of Rx. This will surely impact and increase the hair density and quality.