Making Your Own Donald Duck Halloween Costume

Donald duck is a popular Walt Disney character. His first appearance was in Little White Hens in 1934 and has been famous ever since. His full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck and he is fabled for having a bad temper and being extremely lazy. His romantic partner is Daisy Duck. Donald has been one of the most famous characters ever produced by Walt Disney; he was illustrated by animator Dick Lundy. Donald has been around for seven decades now and he is still highly popular with kids. It is no wonder why fans of the type choose to wear a Donald Duck costume for Halloween.

A Donald Duck costume is popular with kids, especially during Halloween. As an identity, he bridges the gap among generations. Your parents know him from when these were kids, you used to view him on television when you were a young child and perhaps your kids still watch a few of his cartoon shows on TV. The truth is Donald Duck won’t ever die. He is an identity known and loved by many, especially people who spent my youth watching him on television.

If you want a Donald duck costume for the kid or for yourself, the quickest way to get one is to go to any toy store or costume store and you’re sure to find one. They come in several sizes and you may even find one created for adults. However, if that you don’t want to spend money on purchasing one, you may also make one yourself. It is more cost-efficient as all you need to do is choose the materials or you need to use items that you can find in just about any household.

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Making your own personal Donald Duck costume should really be easy provided you have the materials for it. Start by making the beak, this can be carried out by cutting cardboard and covering it up in yellow construction paper or if you have a yellow visor, that may be easier because it has already been shaped like a beak. Don’t forget to include nostrils on the top of part of the visor to help make the illusion of a nose.

The next step in making your own personal Donald duck costume is to help make the feet. You should use orange construction paper or felt paper to cover your shoes with. You may make webs by cutting the edge of the paper to produce three toes. When you yourself have a sailor costume already, you can just alter it a bit to replicate Donald Duck’s clothes. Don’t forget to include his hat as this is a vital part of the costume.

It may be more fun making your own personal Donald Duck costume than buying them premade because it shows off your creative side and you can tell everyone that you managed to get yourself. Donald Duck’s popularity won’t ever fade. He may not be as popular as he used to before, but considering he has been around for seventy years, one can’t help but admire how far he went from being more than a cartoon character.

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