Why is everyone so complimentary about the new Google Search Console?

What’s so great about it?

Google is discontinuing the old one in March and the new one doesn’t have much of the functionality the old one has (like crawl stats).

According to Google, the new one is better because

But I don’t need to access on a mobile device and the “tracking flows” functionality of recrawl etc was already available in the old version. The new URL Inspection which replaces Fetch As Google doesn’t have, for example, a history of previous “fetches”.

It’s even dumbed down error reporting: “The new reports…only show an issue if it threatens to remove your page from the index or prevent the page from being indexed. ” But I want to see ALL errors.

HTML Improvements has been removed and there’s no replacement. Android AppsProperty Sets etc. all no longer supported.

There’s tons of other stuff that’s missing.

It’s a huge step back, IMO. Why are all the reviews about this new Search Console praising it to high heaven?

What am I not actually seeing here?